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Paleo Camping!

by Emily on August 12, 2013

For the last summer hoorah before I have to go back to work (I’m a teacher), we decided to have one last camping trip.  Since my husband is getting into crossfit and paleo now, we were able to keep it pretty clean so I wanted to share some of our tips.  Before you get to thinking I’m some kind of paleo goddess, don’t worry we had s’mores and they were totally worth it.  Here was our paleo camping game plan:



1. Cut up fruit salad for snacking and for breakfast.

2. Cut up veggies to grill in foil packs with dinner.

3. Cut up celery to dip in almond butter for snack.

4. Cooked some bacon for lunch time BLTAs.  I didn’t pre-cook the breakfast bacon because I like it fresh and I had to dirty a pan for eggs, so I might as well cook fresh bacon and use the same pan for eggs.

5.  Pre-mixed a couple of batches of banana pancakes and put them in an old squeeze bottle for easy cooking and clean up.

6. Brought: hamburgers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and a few other things for Miles. Paleo Camping 1


In the outdoor stove, we cooked up bacon and then eggs in one pan and banana pancakes in the other.  The squeeze bottle made for easy cooking. I also added some of the pre-cut up fruit salad.

Paleo Camping 2


We were on the beach for lunch, so I made BLTAs with the lettuce serving as the bread.  I used the pre-cooked bacon to make it easy.  We pared it with snacks like fruit, nuts, and almond butter/celery.

Paleo Camping 3


We grilled hamburgers and wrapped the veggies in foil with some EVOO and seasoning to throw on the grill too.  I added some avocado and tomato to the burger and served it on a lettuce cup.  My husband also had a sweet potato that we wrapped in foil and threw on the grill.  It was totally filling, which is good because camping always makes me hungry.

Paleo Camping 4


We had a blast!  I’d love to hear your ideas for paleo camping.  Hollar at me!

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